Monday, 6 January 2014


For many years I have wanted open a bike shop to service the needs of
Worksop and the surrounding area and with the demise of Edison Cycles in Clowne due to Chris retiring I decided to start looking at it seriously, the need was obvious as there are no shops to buy higher end components, bikes or clothing etc in the area with many cyclists having to migrate out of the area to get their supplies.
We may need extra space in order to do it justice, so when the unit next door came up for grabs it was a no-brainer, the concept of Joe's Bikes was coming together without too much thought, it was just happening.
Some would say I am busy enough with my normal day to day work without taking on more, but when you consider that a part of my day is taken up either helping fix someone's bike, advising where to get or what product to get and general bike chit chat (which I love) then opening a bike shop was the next step really.
I do believe in best advice, good product and service and although you can get good deals on the internet advice, knowledge and experience is seldom available on the net, this is going to be a constant battle but there is a lot of value in the ''Support your local bike shop'' philosophy and being able to touch, feel and discuss products is key to making the best buy.
Part of the decision was to have what I feel is the best bike brand as a supplier, Santa Cruz, after talking to Dickon Hepworth at Jungle Products he didn't take any convincing and thought it was a great idea, the proximity to any other dealers on the Santa Cruz map gives us a larger area to service than most.
From making the decision to start another part of the company and calling it Joe's Bikes to the final lick of paint and Signage took about 4 weeks, the paint was still drying when the first rep walked through the door. I was up early that day putting bikes in place and various other products that would make it resemble a bike shop, his reaction was one of surprise, especially when he knew the facts. We shook hands signed on the dotted and looked forward to a long a fruitful relationship, I was really happy that he approved and really quite relieved that we had him on side. So here we go, another challenge and we are all very happy with taking it on, but these things don't happen on their own, I have had a lot of advice and support from many, my mate John Godbehere has helped with the building work and without his input the end result would not be as good.
I know a lot of cyclists who have been very supportive and want it to happen, Steve Peat and Tristan Tunstall have been a big help and suppliers have been good too, people closest too me have been brilliant, my wife Lynne and my kids Paige and Ross have been here helping and patient with my early starts and late nights, but last but not least good friend Craig Mckay has been there saying the right thing at the right time.
Cheers to you all, lets see what happens in 2014.

A new website will be built in the coming weeks at: or I purchased both of them but not sure which address to use yet, I'll keep everyone posted, blogging for now.


  1. "joes-bikes" It is truly a great and wonderful bike shop.I want to buy full carbon road bike
    I am also satisfied Your great collection.Please informed which is the best bike in usa.

    1. Thanks for the enquiry, unfortunately we do not send bikes to other countries, but the best bike in the Usa is probably a Santacruz.

  2. Even if you're not buying a bike from Joe, he'll give you a a warm reception and the best advice all free of charge. He's a top bloke and worth your custom! He stopped me making a massive mistake that I'd have probably regretted for the rest of my life!

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